5 PS3 tips and Tricks part1

Actually There is 10 PS3 Tips and Tricks, but right now ill share you the first 5 Tips and Tricks, so i called it Part 1, Enjoy

5 PS3 tips and Tricks part1:

1. Save files from the web

Copying videos, music and photos isn't the only way to save media permanently to your console – you can also save files directly from the web. See a link to an MP3 you fancy? Simply click on the link with the X button and the PS3 will automatically offer to save it directly into your Music folder, ready to be played at any time.

It's the same story with videos – so long as the PS3 recognises the format, such as AVI or MP4 it will give you the option to save it directly to the video folder. For images, hover the pointer over a picture, press the Triangle button and select File, then Save Image and you'll have the option to save out to the photo folder.

2. Visualisations

One of the PS3's most impressive in-built features is missed by many people. The Gaia visualisation is an option when playing music, and is a high definition 3D representation of the Earth, based on NASA's stunning Blue Marble photography.

Simply hit the Square button while playing an MP3 or CD to flick through the various visualisations on offer. Be advised that Gaia is best suited to dreamy ambient tunes rather than pumping dance or heavy rock.

3. Turn DVDs into HD

Another fact that many PS3 owners miss is that their sleek black console is actually one of the finest DVD players on the market. In this era of high definition content, DVDs can look awful when they're splashed across a large LCD or plasma screen, but the PS3 has the processing grunt to polish them up to near HD quality.

While watching a DVD through an HD display, press the Triangle button and choose the AV Settings button, you will then see options for frame, block and mosquito noise reduction, and also an option to perform a full upscale on DVD content.

Video saved to storage can also be run with frame and block noise reduction by tweaking the same menu options.

4. Set up a media server

If you have a computer loaded up with music, photos and video, but don't fancy holding duplicates on a PS3 hard drive that will take up valuable space for game installs, there's a solution. Set up media streaming across your network.

What you need on your computer is software that has DNLA server capabilities such as Windows Media Player 11 or Tversity (www.tversity.com). On your computer, set the software up to share the music, video and photo folders, then on the PS3, select the Search for Media Servers option under any of the Photo, Music or Video columns on the XMB.

You should see a new option on your XMB any time your computer is switched on, which acts as the gateway to streaming your media.

5. Use other webcams

You may assume that the only webcam compatible with the PS3's video chatting capabilities is Sony's Playstation Eye. In fact, most standard PC/Mac webcams are supported, and many camera enabled games, such as Rainbow Six Vegas 2, offer similar levels of compatibility.

You can even use the Xbox Live Vision camera from Microsoft's rival Xbox 360 console if you're feeling particularly rebellious, and if your chosen camera has a microphone, that'll appear as a voice input device for chatting as well.

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