5 PS3 tips and Tricks part2

Have you read 5 PS3 tips and Tricks part1? i thinks you must read part 1 before you read the second part, but if you have read it, so i'll go to the second one

Here's 5 PS3 tips and Tricks part2

1. Playstation store on PC

Sometimes it's simply not convenient to download items on the PS3 particularly when downloads might be interrupted by an online gaming session or video chat.

These days, though, the PlayStation store is available on your PC or Mac and you're likely to find the interface and thumbnails load more quickly on your PC as well.

You sign in using your existing PSN account and can copy downloaded items using removable storage such as a USB drive or an SD card to transfer to your console.

2. Turn your PS3 into a PC

It's actually quite easy to turn your PS3 into a fully fledged PC, which is great for adding media and productivity flexibility to the piano black box beneath your TV. If you dig into the Settings, then System Settings menu you'll find an option to Install Other OS.

You'll need to back up the data that's currently stored on your PS3 hard drive to a USB device, but then by following some simple instructions you can download a copy of the operating system, burn it to a CD or DVD and then install it to your console's hard drive.

3. Access instant messaging

If you're a slave to Windows Live Messenger when you're online, but fancy browsing from the comfort of your sofa and television, Microsoft has a low profile version of Messenger available that is perfect for keeping in one of the PS3 browser's six available tabs as you trawl the web.

Simply head to http://mobile.live.com and select the Messenger option, then sign in as normal. Unfortunately, as yet there is no way to access Yahoo or AOL instant messaging networks via the PS3's browser.

4. Transfer classic PS1 games to PSP

You may have noticed that classic Playstation games such as Command and Conquer and Wipeout have begun appearing on the PS Store and that they can be saved to the PS3's hard drive. What you might not be aware of is that, if you have a large enough Memory Stick Pro Duo in your handheld, your purchase also gives you the right to transfer the game to a PSP registered with your PS3.

This means you can genuinely play the game either at home or away without needing internet access for Remote Play. Simply find the PS1 game in the game column of the XMB and press Triangle. You'll see the option to Copy, simply click it, connect your PSP via USB, then follow the on screen instructions.

5. Use PC peripherals

Browsing the internet on a console can be a drag, particularly if you're lumped with using a control pad and the onscreen keyboard to fill in online forms or hammer out emails.

Fortunately, the PS3 actually supports standard keyboards and mice, which work brilliantly with the PS3's in-built browser and even some games, such as Unreal Tournament 3. Sony's system will even allow you to pair up Bluetooth keyboards and mice.

If you have wired devices simply plug them into the PS3's USB ports (or a USB hub connected to the PS3 if you're short on free ports). If you're using Bluetooth peripherals head to the Settings column, then select Accessory Settings and then Manage Bluetooth Devices and follow the onscreen instructions to pair the keyboard and mouse to your console.

By Mike Channell and the Reviews team
Source: Techradar

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